Some patients tell us that they thought they were too old to get braces. Never! There is no age limit on braces, but patients tell us that they thought since they’ve lived with crooked teeth this long, they might as well live with them for the rest of their life. But once they decide to go ahead and get adult braces, they are glad they did it and wish they hadn’t waited so long. The truth is, braces aren’t just for kids and teens; in fact, sometimes waiting until you are older can have its own benefits. Let’s take a look at why getting braces as an adult can be a very worthwhile investment and how you can get started today.

Why Getting Braces as An Adult is Worth It

You are going to have your teeth for the rest of your life (hopefully!).

You might think that past a certain age, it just isn’t worth it to get braces anymore. Maybe you’ve drawn that imaginary line in your head at age 20, 30, 40, 50, or even older. But you are hopefully going to have your teeth for the rest of your life, so shouldn’t they be the best teeth possible? It’s not like investing in a piece of furniture that you get tired of after a few years or spending too much on a car that you are going to trade in. Your teeth are a permanent fixture in your body, so investing in making them look their best is something that’s absolutely going to pay off no matter how old you are now. Having braces now can even help you keep your natural teeth longer in into your later years, because straight and properly aligned teeth are much easier to care for.

Braces aren’t just for aesthetic reasons.

Sure, adult braces are great at giving you a straighter smile. That’s not all they can do, though. Braces can benefit the overall health of your teeth as well as help you avoid other health concerns in the future. When teeth are aligned and straight, they are easier to care for. You’ll be able to more efficiently get into the all the hidden nooks and crannies of your teeth, making brushing and flossing easier and more effective. Plus, straighter teeth can help you avoid issues like headaches, toothaches, and neck aches that can be caused by misaligned teeth. So braces aren’t just an investment in your appearance, they are an investment in your well-being.

Your self-esteem is worth an investment.

A straighter smile can really boost your confidence. That should be worth any price! Feeling more confident about sharing can increase your self-esteem, making you more outgoing in a social situation or on the job. It can be difficult to find effective ways to build your self-esteem as an adult; there are a lot of factors that can be working against you. When something as easy as braces can give you that much-needed boost, then there is no reason not to make this worthwhile investment in yourself and your own happiness. You never know where your new smile might take you in life!

There are options that won’t interfere with your busy lifestyle.

Braces don’t have to mean a big lifestyle change. If you love to eat out with friends, there is an option that allows you to eat normally. If you are worried about the time commitment of braces, there is an option that requires little to no maintenance on your part. Adult braces have been made with adults in mind. We know that your life is busy and your schedule is packed, so you need an option that fits into your schedule and your budget. With so many different options on the market, there is something for everyone. Take time to research those options and see if there is one that seems right for you.

Your treatment is probably more affordable than you think.

Don’t assume that adult braces are out of your reach financially! Braces have come a long way in the last couple decades, and because of that, more and more companies are putting innovative products out on the market that are aimed at your age group. Thanks to the competition, there are options that fit almost any budget. The best thing to do is talk to an orthodontist about the different options out there and what might be the best one for your teeth; with financing, almost anyone can afford to get the smile of their dreams. There are other options for payment, too, including dental insurance and dental credit cards. Our office can help ensure you have the payment option that works best for your budget.

Want to Explore Options for Adult Braces?

Ready to get started with adult braces? Our office makes it easy! Simply make an appointment on our website with our orthodontist for a new patient consultation. He’ll take you through an examination to determine the current condition of your teeth and talk to you about the goals that you have for your smile. Then, Dr. Riano can recommend the right treatment options that will give you the healthy, straight, and beautiful smile that you need.

You can make an appointment directly through our website or by giving our team a call. We’ll help you find an appointment time that works for you. We look forward to seeing you in our office with a healthy, straight smile soon!