Benefits of Lingual Braces  

Incognito hidden lingual braces are a great alternative to traditional braces and offer many benefits such as aesthetic, functionality, and custom results. Below we have listed the many benefits that lingual braces provide as well as the benefits that our patients at Camilo Riaño Orthodontics have seen. 

  • Aesthetic Appearance: The most obvious benefit to choosing lingual braces over traditional braces is the fact that they are hidden from view. Because they are attached to the lingual part of a patient’s teeth as opposed to the front, they are nearly invisible to the outside world. This is a great alternative for patients who want to achieve their optimal smile without showing their braces.
  • Functionality: Our patients have found Incognito to be a great choice when it comes to fitting braces with their lifestyle. Our patients have adapted the functionality of Incognito in their workplace occupation ranging from business individuals, consultants, teachers and even athletes. Since Incognito is customized to each patient discomfort is brought to a minimum and is hidden from their peers.
  • Results: Incognito is made directly from a digital model that is taken on your first appointment making your braces completely custom to fit you and you only. Through advanced technology, each bracket and wire is made to fit the anatomy of your teeth allowing Dr. Riaño to align your teeth to provide optimal results in an accelerated time frame.


To learn more about Incognito hidden lingual braces and whether they are an option for your orthodontic needs, please contact us today at Camilo Riaño Orthodontics. We have been transforming smiles for our patients in the Hayes Valley, San Francisco area through our accumulated knowledge, and passion providing the best services possible. We are confident that we can achieve the smile you deserve with the orthodontic option that fits best with you. Contact us today for your Complimentary Consultation!