If your teenager needs braces, you’ll want to consider going with Invisalign Teen as an option for hidden braces that will straighten their teeth. Invisalign has long been celebrated for its ability to gently reposition teeth in the mouth to achieve a straighter, healthier smile, and that technology is not available for our teenage patients as well. Invisalign isn’t going to be the right solution for every teen patient that we see; other methods might provide better results depending on the condition of your teeth, how much straightening is required, and your budget. But for a majority of our patients, not only is Invisalign an option, it’s likely the best option. If you are a parent or guardian who is wondering whether or not to pay for Invisalign treatments for your teen, there are a number of reasons you should consider doing it!

Is Invisalign the Right Choice for Your Teen?

They can still play sports.

Having metal braces can be a concern if your teen plays sports. That’s because if a ball or another player comes into contact with their mouth, the impact can cause the brackets and wires to do a lot of damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. Not only is it extremely painful, it can really damage their teeth and set back their teeth straightening treatment by weeks or months. If sports plays a big role in your teen’s life, then you should consider Invisalign. The straightening trays can be removed from the mouth during games and practice, preventing damage to the trays themselves as well as to your teen’s mouth. Asking them to end their time in their favorite sport can cause them to feel isolated from their friends and make them miss out on opportunities in the future.

They can continue playing wind instruments.

Just like sports, playing in the band or orchestra in middle school and high school can have a positive impact on your child’s life. If they need braces, it could be the end of their musical career, especially if they play a wind instrument. Wind instruments rely on the breath to create sound; the player will need to hold their mouth in the correct position in order to create the music. Braces can make this difficult or even impossible. While your teen might have been able to master their wind instruments in the past, their braces might inhibit the proper mouth formation. In some cases, this obstacle can be overcome and your teen can continue to play. In other cases, it means that they’ll have to give up playing the instrument that they love.

They can enjoy all of their favorite foods.

Okay, ensuring your teen still gets to eat their favorite foods might not be high up on your list of priorities, but it’s actually pretty important. When teens wear traditional bracket and wire braces, they shouldn’t eat anything that’s sticky or hard. They shouldn’t, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t. This can lead to a lot of issues with the braces, including them not getting cleaned correctly and more dental issues occurring in the future. Some foods can even damage the braces themselves, meaning you’ll be paying for another visit to the orthodontist. Making it easy for your teen to enjoy their favorite foods means this isn’t a battle that you are going to have to fight. They’ll simply need to remove the tray when they eat and rinse their mouth out afterward.

It’s easier to maintain good dental hygiene.

You are paying good money for braces. In return, your teenager is going to need to take good care of them until the day they are done with them. That’s a lot to ask a teen who probably isn’t even the best at cleaning their room, let alone their teeth. Invisalign takes a lot of the guesswork out of good dental hygiene, though. With traditional braces, your teen will need to do extra cleaning and maintenance to ensure there are no particles of food stuck in there. If there is anything left behind, it can lead to big dental bills in the future when battling issues like cavities and gingivitis. But with Invisalign, your teen simply removed the tray and cleans their teeth as normal. They’ll want to do some simple things like rinsing the tray and their mouths after they eat, but the maintenance is a whole lot more simply than with other methods.

It can be a big boost to their self-confidence.

Being a teen is tough! Cast your thoughts back to your own teenage years. If you were like most teens, those days were filled with a lot of self-doubts, a shaky confidence, and a whole lot of searching on who you want to be. Small things can make a big impact at this age, for better or for worse. While traditional metal braces aren’t necessarily going to ruin your teen’s life (no matter what they might tell you), you do want to give them every advantage you can as they navigate through these tough years of their life. Invisalign takes one thing off of their list of things to worry about. Because the trays are clear, no one will even know they are wearing them. They’ll be able to participate in all their favorite activities, eat out with their friends, and get a big boost to their confidence as their smile becomes healthier and straighter. It might seem like a little thing now, but that confidence could help them achieve even greater things later in life.

Want to give your teen the advantage of Invisalign? We offer a number of hidden braces options here in San Francisco, so we can help you teen find the one that’s right for them. Make an appointment with our office by clicking on an appointment time that works for you on our website. You can also schedule an appointment by giving us a call and speaking directly to our team. We look forward to seeing you and your teen in our San Francisco office soon and helping you find a solution that works for both of you!