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Don’t Lose Your Hard Earned FSA!

With the abundance of holidays in the last quarter of the year, it’s no surprise that the rest of the year flies by so fast. After Halloween, it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and finish the year off strong with a great New Years celebration. But don’t start writing those New Year’s resolutions just yet; 2018 still has some unfinished business: that leftover money in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Don’t lose your pre-taxed dollars, let’s put it to use!

FSA Covers Orthodontic Treatment! 

The good news is that both FSAs and HSAs cover orthodontic treatment, this is a perfect time to get the smile you deserve for the New Year! Here at Camilo Riaño Orthodontics, we offer several state of the art straightening techniques including incognito hidden braces, Invisalign® Adult and Teen, and clear ceramic braces. Getting your dream smile is easier than you think!

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