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How to Find an Orthodontist in San Francisco

March 10th, 2022

When it comes to orthodontic care, you want the best orthodontist San Francisco has to offer. However, finding the best orthodontist in San Francisco may require some research and time. When it comes to finding the perfect orthodontist, you want to find someone that you can trust and that you know will provide you with excellent care every step of the way. Being in an orthodontist’s office can be overwhelming, so you want to find one that is inviting and comfortable as well. This is particularly important if you are trying to find an orthodontist for your child.

Research Orthodontists Online

The first place we all go to when we want to know anything is the Internet. When looking for an orthodontist in San Francisco, the first thing you should do is to do some research online. Google will help by showing you the orthodontists near you. You can rank them according to distance or based on their reviews. Google will also display their reviews and general rating so that you can get an impression about the practice before you decide on one to call.

When doing your research, don’t just use Google, feel free to use other online resources as well. Many orthodontists have websites and pages on other platforms that can provide you with quite a bit of additional information about them and their practice.

The most common question people want to be answered is if the orthodontist does a specific kind of treatment. Although a simple Google search may not answer that question, you may find more useful information directly from their website or from their Facebook page. With this being said, try to gather as much information as you can before making your decision.

Read Their Patient Reviews

When you are looking at an orthodontist’s practice online, you should always take a look at their patient reviews. This is a great way to see people’s honest opinions about that specific practice. You can look through comments and reviews both on Google and Facebook.

These reviews can also provide you with information that may be missing from their website. Things such as treatment quality, customer service, and even finance questions are normally answered publicly. This can help you save a lot of time when looking for answers to those common questions.

Although these common questions may pop up frequently on Google and Facebook, most orthodontists will have a “frequently asked questions” page on their website. This is where you can get a direct answer from the orthodontist regarding those specific questions.

Look for an Experienced Orthodontist

When you are looking for an orthodontist near you, make sure that they have experience. On top of that, look out for any indication that the practice may be part of Invisalign’s 1% Diamond Providers. This is a top-level accreditation that not many orthodontists have.

You should also check to make sure that the orthodontist can provide the kinds of services you may be interested in. Although we mentioned looking for accreditations, some orthodontists don’t offer Invisalign at all. A great place to find out what services they offer is through their website. Feel free to Google them and browse their website for the services they offer and specialize in.

Additionally, you can always give them a call to make sure. Despite the amount of information available online, the best way to get all your questions answered is to set up a consultation with the orthodontist themselves. The first consultation is normally an information session and is a great opportunity for you to see if they are a good fit for you.

Get a Recommendation from Your Dentist

A dentist is not the same as an orthodontist. However, your dentist can often be the best person to recommend an orthodontist for you. A dentist is a medical professional who deals with a wide variety of oral health issues. They deal with things such as your teeth, gums, nerves, and jaw. An orthodontist on the other hand specializes in a specific set of dentistry. This focus is mainly centered around correcting bites, occlusion, and straightening your teeth.

Orthodontists have developed techniques and treatments to make straightening your teeth a lot simpler and easier. Although the first thing that may come to your mind when you think of an orthodontist is braces, modern orthodontists can do a lot more. This includes lingual and ceramic braces, and even Invisalign. This is a modern orthodontic treatment that makes use of custom-made acrylic aligners to gently guide your teeth into place.

Request a Consultation

If you find an orthodontist near you, don’t be afraid to set up an initial consultation with them to see if it’s a good fit. The perfect orthodontist will help make you feel comfortable and explain things in a very simple and easy way. In addition to this, you also want to find someone that you can trust. The best way to find all that out is through meeting them either in person or virtually.

The first consultation with an orthodontist is usually more about information than actual treatment. In this first consultation, you will get to know your orthodontist and be introduced to the whole team. You will also be able to ask as many questions as you want to ensure that you are making the right decision regarding both the orthodontist and the treatment you want.

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