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Everyone knows that getting braces will help straighten your smile and make you more confident in pictures, but we rarely ever talk about what the actual health benefits of tooth straightening are — which there are many! Like most parents, you probably want your son or daughter to get braces so that they’ll look better in pictures and grow up having a happy and healthy smile as well. But the benefits of braces go far behind cosmetics and even our oral health, they can also be hugely beneficial to our overall health. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of braces and contact Camilo Riano Orthodontics if you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule an orthodontics appointment in San Francisco.

Easier cleaning

There’s no understating the importance of being able to clean your teeth freely without having to work around misaligned teeth. The issue is that nobody has the same size of mouth, and not everyone has the same amount of teeth either. There is a condition called Hyperdontia which means having more than 32 teeth which is what most people have. When this happens, it’s highly likely that teeth will develop in an unnatural way, either turned one direction, overlapping other teeth or tilted forwards or backward.

Although this won’t necessarily cause any health concerns depending on how severe it is, it can make it much more difficult to brush, floss, and generally maintain your oral health. If teeth are too crowded, it may be difficult to fit floss in between the teeth in order to break up plaque. Additionally, when you’re brushing, there will be a larger portion of your teeth that the brush won’t be able to reach.

The great news is that even braces nowadays can afford you the freedom to brush every inch of your teeth. With traditional braces, brackets make it difficult to get a good cleaning until they’re removed. However, with Invisalign, you’ll be able to remove your retainers at any time to get a thorough cleaning, then put them back in so that your teeth continue to move. Once you’re done with Invisalign treatment, you’ll have straight teeth that are much easier to maintain and keep clean.  

Disease prevention

Cavities aren’t the only thing brought on by poor oral hygiene. You’re also at a higher risk of contracting diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and heart disease if teeth are misaligned. It’s not a bad idea to think of your mouth as an open wound. If you had an open wound on your leg or arm, would you leave it exposed to everything in the air or anything that you come into contact with? Probably not!

Your mouth already contains thousands of bacteria, but allowing harmful bacteria to remain in your mouth is like rubbing germs on an open wound — it’s a really bad idea! It’s not to say that you’re being this careless, of course, but when your teeth are misaligned, it’s more difficult for bacteria to get trapped in between teeth and eventually reach the bloodstream. Many severe health conditions are brought on by something much less severe, so even though something seemingly solely cosmetic like misaligned teeth can have a major impact on your ability to stay healthy.

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