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Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Camilo Riano Orthodontics. If you read part one of this blog series, you know that we started talking about the causes of crooked teeth. Keep reading to learn more about this widespread issue and contact our orthodontists today if you have any questions.


Let’s face it, we can all think of ways to improve our oral health habits whether it’s brushing or flossing more or scheduling more trips to the dentist. However, what many people don’t realize is that the habits we had as kids still have an effect on us today. Thumb sucking is one habit we have as kids that can result in misalignment of the teeth. Many kids maintain this habit well after their adult teeth are growing in causing teeth to not grow in properly.

There is also something called myofunctional habit that refers to things like how we use our tongue, how we breathe, and how we swallow that can all have an effect on the way our teeth grow in. In addition to this, bruxism, or excessive teeth grinding, can also lead to crooked teeth, among other oral health issues. This habit is not only known to develop in people who are under a lot of stress but can also happen while sleeping. If you believe any of these habits may be impacting your oral health, speak with an oral health specialist.

Premature Tooth Loss

Many adults wonder whether their child is losing teeth at a normal rate. This is a perfectly good question considering the problems that can result if they aren’t. Baby teeth tend to fall out periodically over the course of around six years or more and starting around the age of six years old.

There are a number of issues that can result if teeth are not replaced by permanent ones within three months after the baby teeth are lost. Crowding is one of the main problems that result from premature tooth loss. When teeth fall out before four years, space will be lost and the permanent teeth will not grow in straight. On the other hand, if the baby teeth fall out late, a similar issue may result because they will be in the way of the permanent teeth as they are erupting. If your child is experiencing premature or late tooth loss, be sure to speak with an orthodontist.

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