In March, Dr.Riaño and the staff launched our Instagram fundraiser to kick off Dr.Riaño’s participation as a provider for the Smiles Change Lives program. Smiles Change Lives is an organization that helps families who cannot afford the cost of braces connect with Orthodontists willing to donate their services to deserving children and teens. We were absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm our patients showed, and touched by the devotion shown to help someone in the community. In May, we reached our goal of 100 patients using our hashtags: #docrianosf and #smileschangelives.

The screening process for Smiles Change Lives applicants takes several weeks to complete, so we were very excited to finally meet our first match, Samia, last month! Samia is an outgoing high school student, who loves to play basketball and sing! Sami is also a dedicated student, and after high school plans to go to college in Atlanta. During our meeting with Samia, she confessed her interest in fashion, and her ambitious dream to become a model one day. Although she is a very intelligent and motivated young lady, she has not pursued this dream after being bullied for her smile affected her confidence. Dr.Riaño and the staff were excited to help our beautiful patient become more confident!

This week Samia came in and had her brackets bonded. It was was an exciting and emotional day at the office. Samia and her mother were so happy to get the treatment that was needed. We can’t wait to see the progress that Samia makes, and are so grateful to all of our patients for helping to make this dream come true.