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Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Camilo Riano Orthodontics. If you recall from our last blog, we started discussing the top things you should know before getting in touch with an orthodontist. In our last blog, we covered finding the right orthodontist, seeing the dentist, and considering braces no matter your age or condition. Stay tuned, because we’ll take a look at a few more things you should know before contacting an orthodontist. After you’re done, get in touch with our board-certified orthodontists here at Camilo Riano Orthodontics to get started.

Braces Aren’t Just For Aesthetics

Although many teens, anxious to get their teeth straightened for their first year of high school, may seek out an orthodontist, aesthetics are not the only reason for getting braces. In fact, many orthodontists are happy people are interested in the aesthetic benefits because it allows them to experience all of the many health benefits as well.

Healthy Bite

In order to avoid tooth pain and even tooth loss, it’s important to have a healthy bite. So what does a healthy bite mean? A healthy bite means not having an overbite or underbite. When your teeth are aligned correctly, it will help your jaw align correctly.

TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders result when your jaw’s joint is moved in an unnatural way which can damage the muscle tissue and cartilage. This can lead to tension headaches or jaw, neck, or back pain. By preventing malocclusion, You’ll be at a much lower risk for TMJ disorders and other problems with the teeth and jaw.

Making Cleaning Easier

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for some way to make our lives a little easier every once in a while. If you’ve had crooked teeth your whole life, you know how difficult it can be to clean your teeth. Not only are you not able to reach the full surface area of your tooth when brushing, but if your teeth are overcrowded, you may not be able to floss properly.

You Have Many Options

One of the biggest mistakes people make before getting braces is going straight to an orthodontist who only offers traditional braces. Although there’s nothing wrong with traditional braces per se, they certainly aren’t your only option. One of the biggest downsides to traditional braces is that they stand out a lot, especially in pictures. If you’re a teen who’s concerned about how you’ll look in your yearbook, they’re far from the ideal option.

Here at Camilo Riano Orthodontics, we offer many other options aside from traditional braces including clear ceramic braces which are similar to traditional braces but they’re clear. Lingual braces sit behind the teeth instead of the front, and last but certainly not least we have Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Invisalign is one of the most popular and revolutionary types of orthodontic treatment because there are no wires and brackets. The aligners can be removed whenever you need to brush and floss.

Get In Touch With Camilo Riano Orthodontics

We understand that you may have a lot of questions before you visit the orthodontist or any health specialist for that matter. This is why, here at Camilo Riano Orthodontics, we help you to become as prepared as possible. It’s an exciting time getting your braces on, but you should also be informed about what is going on. Keep reading our blogs for more helpful information about orthodontics, braces, and Invisalign. If you think you’re ready for your first appointment with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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