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Typically, most people don’t enjoy dental appointments any more than they enjoy a trip to a physician. Although most people live with some anxiety or fear of going to a medical specialist, however, for someone with a dental phobia, the thought of coming in for an appointment may sound terrifying. These people often avoid going to the dentist, and the longer they put it off, the more difficult it becomes.

A phobia is classified as an intense, irrational fear. This could be the fear of a situation, person, or object, but it usually leads to self-harm because the person is not receiving the medical treatment they need to stay healthy. Health specialists have tried to combat this by making their offices more comfortable and welcoming in addition to offering more sedation options for more complex procedures.  

What Causes It?

There are several main reasons people develop a fear of seeing the dentist.

Pain – Many people fear that they may have cavities or other oral health issues that could lead to painful procedures. These people have likely heard stories of dentist visits gone wrong. However, these stories don’t mention that almost all oral health specialists offer sedation options and the large majority of oral procedures are completed without a hitch.

Acceptance – Another thing many people worry about when visiting an oral health specialist is either disappointing the specialist or a family member if there’s anything wrong. For example, if someone has a cavity, they may blame themselves for not taking care of their teeth well enough.

Personal Space – Many people don’t like others being in their personal space and find it difficult to trust a health specialist even if they have the proper training, certification, and experience.

The Problem With Dental Phobia

The main problem with dental phobia is that people with this condition will avoid oral health specialists for years without scheduling an appointment. It often takes convincing from friends or a family member to actually get them into the office for an exam. If this person doesn’t maintain a good oral hygiene routine, they could develop serious conditions that will only get worse the longer they wait.

If you know someone who has dental phobia, it’s best to let them know that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that in the long run, seeing an oral health specialist regularly is the best way to avoid ever having to deal with complicated or painful procedures in the first place.

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