There’s no greater feeling than having your braces removed and feeling the freedom of life without brackets. However, don’t just go straight back into enjoying all the sweet and chewy treats you used to enjoy. You should first speak with your dentist about setting up an appointment and having you or your kid’s teeth checked out. As long as you or your child maintained proper hygiene while the braces were on, they should be fine, however, you can never be too safe. Keep reading to learn more.


No matter what type of braces you get, it can be difficult to get in a thorough cleaning by brushing and flossing. Although you should certainly be spending more time maintaining your oral hygiene when you have braces, nothing compares to being able to clean all of your teeth without brackets in the way. If there are any cavities, you’ll want to get them treated as soon as possible to avoid tooth loss.


Typically when you get braces off, you’ll notice white spots in the center of your teeth where the brackets used to be. This is pretty normal, because plaque has started to build up in areas that the brackets weren’t covering. However, this may mean that you weren’t brushing well enough when you had braces and bacteria has started to grow on your teeth.


When you’ve had braces on for several months, it’s only natural that your teeth will stain during that time. Once you’ve finally gotten them off, there’s no better time to go in for a thorough cleaning at the dentist’s office. It takes a while to remove staining, so the sooner you can get started the better. It will also help remind you or your kid how important it is to maintain your oral hygiene even though the braces are off.


Aside from fixing any issues that may have sprung up while you or your child was wearing braces, making a visit to the dentist immediately will afford you the security that you need to go back to eating the things you used to. It would be a shame to get a cavity while your braces are on, only to make the issue worse by indulging in sweet treats the moment you get them off.

Ask questions

Now is the time to ask questions if you have any. Your orthodontist will immediately get you situated with retainers which you’ll need to wear 24/7 for a set period of time. Once that period is done, you’ll be wearing them only at night. If you have any questions about this process, do not hesitate to talk to your orthodontist

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