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Clear Braces

Clear braces are a great option for people who want quick results but don’t like the looks of metal braces. Contact Dr. Riano in San Francisco to learn more.

Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces

Dr. Riano’s San Francisco staff understands that many people, particularly adults, are reluctant to get orthodontic treatment because of the appearance of braces. For those aesthetically conscious patients, we offer clear ceramic braces by 3M. With Clarity ADVANCED, patients get beautiful aesthetics in a low-profile appearance.

These braces use very small translucent brackets made of a new type of ceramic material. They are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color, and they resist stains and discoloration throughout the treatment process.

Enhanced Comfort

Clarity Advanced ceramic brackets feature a dome-shaped design with smooth, rounded corners. The small size of the brackets minimizes soft tissue contact so that the patient has the ultimate level of comfort throughout the treatment process. Regular metal braces often rub and irritate your gums, but when Clarity Advanced braces are used, this irritation is greatly minimized. There are no metal components used with these braces, making them more attractive and comfortable with much less soft tissue contact.

Virtually Unnoticeable

When you are wearing Clarity Advanced braces, most people won’t even notice that you are straightening your teeth. This is because the translucent ceramic material blends with your teeth and will resist staining. And, because these braces feature a small, low-profile design, they are virtually unnoticeable. This makes these braces ideal for patients who are looking for the confidence and freedom to smile on any occasion. When these braces are worn, there’s no need to hide behind a closed-lip smile. Clarity Advanced ceramic braces give you the confidence you need to show off your smile both during and after treatment!

Clarity Advanced is a unique system that is easily applied and removed by your orthodontist so that you can focus on living your life and not on the process of having your braces taken on and off. This technology and cutting-edge innovation is by 3M Unitek, a name that orthodontists all over the world trust for their patients who want a low-profile, comfortable way to improve their smiles.

Before & After Clear Braces

Clear Aligners

Clear Braces


Dr. Riano is an Elite Provider of Invisalign clear braces. This innovative appliance straightens your teeth with an invisible series of aligners.

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